Naked Berlin
Photo exhibition.
Время еще не определено
Kulturfabrik Moabit,
Lehrter strasse 35, 10557, Berlin
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About Exibition

The exhibition is a tribute to Berlin, but at the same time a critical examination of the last ten years, during which Germany's capital has changed more than other cities. A critical examination of the controversial topic of gentrification, but at the same time an artful way to deal with topics such as body positivity and diversity.

"We stand for the acceptance of all people / bodies, regardless of shape, size, religion, sexual orientation or sexual identity, gender, skin color or appearance," the two artists wrote. "We try to represent the most vulnerable groups such as POCs, trans* and queer as well as people with disabilities. Our goal is to work on unrealistic standards of beauty and build confidence in yourself and others.“
From 4.9.2021 to 8.9.2021, NAKED BERLIN, Kulturfabrik MOABIT, Lehrter Straße 35, Berlin, 18 o'clock.


Аrtists of the exhibition

Abdulsalam Ajaj und Mischa Badasyan

Abdulsalam Ajaj, 22. Fotograf und Neu-Berliner aus Syrien.

Mischa Badasyan, 29. Performance-Künstler und Bürgeraktivist aus Russland.

They want to combine three elements in their performances: the city, architecture and the body. "It's all about the body positivity. We want to show the real normal body that most people have," says the artists. On the other hand, they want to draw attention to the importance of public space.